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American Oligarchy and Donald


Our nation, founded upon law and proud to be named a republic, has devolved into a schizophrenic oligarchy. Schizophrenic in that we just can’t seem to decide which of two elite groups we wish to be governed by; Democrats or, Republicans. Oligarchy in that the Federal Government has been wrested from the clutches of the people by executive orders and over-burdensome regulation and now firmly rests in the manipulative hands of the favored party of the moment.
Make no mistake, these two political parties are the chosen few who rule this country. In the absence of term limits, our ruling class has become an elite group with difficult admission requirements. The 2016 presidential election was an ample demonstration. The Democrats stacked the deck with fully a third of the electoral votes decided by party elites themselves. Added to leaked debate questions, biased party officials and the support of the media, the nomination was a coronation rather than an election. Bernie had no chance. The resultant nomination showed democracy to be a sham and the law of the republic merely a feint.
The Republican Party fared worse. Being incompetent, the GOP failed to solidify within the club allowing the Democrat controlled media but put forth the candidate they were sure Hillary could beat; Donald Trump. The irony here is Donald was/is not a member of the club. He is an outsider. Simply a famous, wealthy, and sometimes crass citizen. He had at times been allowed a visit to the halls of the political elite but he had never been a member. He had not paid his dues. With the help of the Democrat party, he won the Republican nomination and the losing Oligarchy exploded with the “Never-Trump” movement. Their whining at the defeat of the Oligarchy by an outsider persists to this day with the loud rantings of John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Mitt Romney, and others. The evidence for Republican oligarchy is simply supported by the republicans stonewalling President Trump’s efforts despite his desire to further the Republican stated agenda. Seriously, what else can it be?
So where are we now. After nine months of a Trump Presidency we stand at a rather ominous cross road. With the Republican Oligarchy becoming ever more inconsequential, the media leading the charge, and the public unwilling to hold the Democrats responsible for their lies and deceit, the Democrat party is clearly winning. They are fast becoming the reigning Oligarchy of the United States. Except… well except for President Trump.
President Donald J. Trump, the dupe the Democrat controlled media chose to nominate, contend with, and lose to Hillary, stands firmly in their way. While the media obsesses over Melania’s shoes, President Trump is using the pen. With the over-extended Presidential powers secured by President Obama, Trump is fighting back. He is securing the law. He is giving the republic back to the people. He is fighting for our freedoms. Who knew? I admit, I am pleasantly surprised!
How surreal our country has become! If by chance, this nation should survive as a republic for another fifty years, the statues that we are currently tearing down as a diversion against the demise of the powerful elite, will be resurrected in the likeness of a golden-haired president of chance.
Don’t be fooled by the Oligarchy and their media.
How will history treat President Donald J. Trump? Will it show him to be a bigot, a racist, a misogynist, a white supremacist, a Russian lackey, etc. No, I think not. The future will ultimately reveal such accusations as political posturing being bandied about to discredit him and put “the club” back in power. History, on the other hand, may well show Donald J. Trump to be a true patriot. In these times of secret alliances and power mongering, that makes him a revolutionary the ilk of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and Alexander Hamilton. Those patriots of the Revolution signed on to free us from King George and England’s failure to grant us rights of British citizenship. Today, Donald Trump seems to be freeing us from our own self-created Oligarchy and its systemic disregard for “we the people.” In his own offensive and unique way, The Donald is saving our nation from self-destruction.

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