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A National Disgrace


To kneel or not? That is today’s big, burning, question? Folks, this is just stupid. Let me lay it out for you.
Kapernick has the right to protest. The way he has chosen to do so is stupid and offensive but, he has the right. However, he, and others, need to understand there are potential consequences.

A football player’s team has the right to fire players who misrepresent the team and/or the NFL. Dressed in the team’s uniform, and “on-the-clock,” players are representing the team. Because they are at work, they can be fired just as any other employee can be fired for miss-representing their employer.

However, President Trump demeans the office of the President when he suggests these protesters should be sacked. As mentioned, the team has the right but, the President does not. He represents all Americans. Kapernick needs a President too. President Trump really should not be ragging on someone for non-violent protest. We as citizens of this country have the right to make our opinions known, no matter how misinformed they are. For the President to try and limit any kind of free speech is wrong. Besides, it is too small of an issue to be attracting the President’s attention. If asked, he might have said; “I feel it is disrespectful for someone to dishonor the flag and our nation that way but I respect his right to do so.” Beyond that, anything he says is way too much and belittles the office he holds.”

On the other hand, teams certainly do not have any right to require all players to protest. This is the most egregious issue here. The Steelers have in fact attempted to restrict free speech. Where President Trump walked up to the line and leaned across, the Steelers took one step too many. The Steelers were not only stupid, they crossed the line.

While offensive, NFL players failing to respect the flag is really a non-issue. The old saying seems to apply. “It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” Freedom also means that we have the right to look stupid. That really is the beginning and end of this issue.

The question that should be asked is this; since President Trump is not a stupid man and yet is engaging in stupid behavior, what is it that he is trying to draw the media’s attention away from? Health reform, reworking the tax code, North Korea, redrawing the lines on some of our recent National Monuments or, some other current work that he is engaged in? These are the issues we need to be thinking about and focusing on.

Honestly, it is like were a bunch of stupid dogs and the President just yelled Squirrel. Disagree? Well then, please, continue your barking. No one is listening any way. Well, at least, I’m trying hard not to. So, can we drop it already?

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