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I keep returning to an article on gun ownership in the USA written by Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry. If you are in anyway involved in the debate, this is a must read. (Read it here.)

This article is by far the best synopsis of the issue that I have run across. Pascal, in his article discusses Switzerland and accredits their training as a possible reason that they have fewer “gun incidents.”  In that spirit, I would like to suggest a plan, for ownership and concealed carry within the United States.

Up front, let me state that I am a gun owner.  I have served as a Military Policeman and as a Department of Defense Security Guard. I have enjoyed recreational shooting for almost 50 years. I believe in the constitutional right to bear arms and that armed citizens have, and do, stop bad guys. However, you have to admit that a semi-automatic, center fire weapon with a high capacity magazine is a lot of fire power to place in the hands of a crazy person intent on doing harm.   It is a difficult dilemma with no easy solution.

As a trained individual I feel a responsibility to carry concealed and I do so, safely, legally, and only in appropriate situations. Carrying concealed when traveling between states however, is cumbersome due to different states laws, and in some cases, even from county to county. I would like to see some changes and I would be willing to give some ground in order to obtain one.

To this end, the Moral Middle supports Senator John Cornyn’s introduction of the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act.

The blog has been changed to reflect current events now before the Congress of the United States.

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