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A note to my followers.

The Moral Middle was spawned in response to campaign developments leading up to the 2016 election of Donald Trump. After the election, my contributions dropped off for two reasons; my disgust with the entire political landscape, and because most of the things I have been feeling strongly about are being said better by others. (Some of those include twitter’s An0moly, The Federalist, and Rush Limbaugh.)
My disgust has its foundation in my conclusions that Democrats, having no moral foundation, lie and cheat; while Republicans, for various reasons, are simply incompetent. True, these are generalizations concerning the two parties as a group and should not necessarily be directed at all individuals belonging to them. But as a generalization, it explains a lot. So, the result has been that I have been writing very little. There are only so many ways I have found to express my disdain.
In wondering where I might still be able to try and make a positive contribution; the need for moral clarity, rather than political punditry, has become obvious. Accordingly, I would like to attempt to apply valid, moral principles to American politics. Fundamental to this endeavor is the application of the following principles:
1. The moral agency of man is sacrosanct, and must be the founding principle of any government. The Declaration of Independence declares that God has endowed man, with certain inalienable rights. Moral agency is predominant. Everyone, regardless of circumstances must be allowed to decide for themselves whether they will follow God or Satan. (Yes, they are real beings.)
2. Charity will endure forever. Love for our fellow travelers on this planet, must be the apex goal of all of mankind. Charity is, and will continue to be, the leading principle throughout this life and the next. (Yes, there is life after death.)
3. Being the sons and daughters of God, man has a divine heritage. A third individual purpose in this life is to become more capable of acting, for good, and less susceptible to being acted upon by evil. We need to strive to become more like God and less like our pets.
4. This nation, The United States of America, is the gentile nation foretold by Isaiah. It is a choice land above all other lands. God has said that all groups who are here, were led here by Him. The Declaration, the Constitution, and our successful emancipation from the King and thereby the Church of England, were accomplished with divine intervention and in fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecies. As such, we do incur a moral obligation.
5. God inspired our founding fathers to establish a government based on authority freely given by the governed. The phrase “we the people” is more than just political posturing, it is quasi scripture.
6. This nation is a blessed nation. Those blessings will continue only as we acknowledge and appreciate them. We have an obligation to strive to serve Him from whom all blessings come.
The new purpose of this blog then; is to evaluate American politics in light of these, and other guiding principles. And further, to encourage all Americans to reaffirm these principles in our lives and our society. In short, to assess, and as appropriate, to try and influence, the American moral condition.

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