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(This is a talk I gave in Sacrament Meeting a couple of weeks ago.) Not too many years ago, I attended an “All Employee Meeting” at BYU-Idaho. Toward the [...]
Donald and Hillary
The Better Choice
The Book of Abraham tells the story of how God gathered his children around him and presented a plan that would eventually result in the preparation of [...]
Hillary Clinton Victim
The deafening sound of silence; Hillary’s non-indictment.
Yesterday, FBI Director James Comey personally released the findings of a lengthy FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private E-mail [...]
david french
The Lincoln Scenario, is David French a Lincoln in the wings?
Edited: David French has declined the opportunity to run for President in an extremely well written article. Why I am not running for President. Perhaps [...]
Donald Trump
Can Donald save us from the greatest lie in American Politics?
What would you consider the greatest lie in today’s political arena? There are a lot of lies to choose from. Some are real whoppers. The worst [...]
John Rawlston Poole
John Rawlston Poole
In a recent phone conversation with my son, he was surprised to find out we had some polygamist ancestors. There were two. Austin Greely Green and John [...]
President Megyn
My pick for President
My son occasionally calls me to discuss the presidential candidates. We have had some interesting conversations. Our last visit has led me to make a final [...]
SamuelWaen at home
My flirtation with the Republican Party reveals where conservatism fails.
I believe if you don’t actively participate in the election process, then you don’t have the right to complain and, I do so love to complain. [...]
SamuelWaen at home
I have an article in an on-line magazine
I have an article that was picked up and published in a new on-line magazine. Welcome to George Orwell’s Animal Farm at Samuel Waen Jensen
Hillary Clinton Victim
Worth passing on.
Pascal-Emanuel Gobry just wrote an article for The Week which is absolutely spot on. It is entitled Hillary Clinton’s litany of scandal. Well worth [...]